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We provide great services and ideas

We specialize in serving bullion wholesalers and traders, refiners and smelters, jewellery manufactures and other industrial users of precious metal.

We are reliable and competitive wholesale suppliers of gold in the form of London good delivery bars,other bars, grains, we also buy scrap and semi –refined metal offering attractive payment terms.

Whether you want to hedge your physical position or take a directional view on the markets, we can offer you easy to access to spot, forward, options or futures market through our electronic trading platform or by speaking to one of our team members

Our Services

Physical Bullion

Holding precious metals in bulk form and can facilitate the purchase or sale.

Secure Storage

Ensuring the safe and protected storage of physical bullion on a fully allocated basis.

Refining Services

Refining services using recognized and accredited refiners.

Risk Management

Creating bespoke platform and risk management solutions for precious metals sector participants.

Gold Real-time Pricing | الأسعار اللحظية للذهب

1 Gram

31.1 Gram

1 Kg


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