Frequently Asked Questions

What is your Vision?
– To be the leading precious metal & gold bars resellers in the kingdom and the 1st precious metal educational center in the Kingdom.

What are your values?
• Honesty, integrity, and objectivity in all our relationships
• Market and customer focused
• Active role in the community.

What is your experience in Precious Metals field?
– We have participated in multiple precious metal exhibition around the world such as Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Jeddah, and Hong Kong & Singapore. We also are the authorized distributors of some of the world top mints

Why are you here?
• To further expand our business strategy.
• Seeking for partnership with the leading jewelers in Saudi.
• Establishing an educational & awareness lounge to educate society and spread awareness about the history, science, multiple uses & future of precious metal.
• Creating a two way (either buying or selling) channel to deliver precious metal around the world.

What is our main strength?
• We are the largest precious metal stockiest in Bahrain with the ability to deliver up to 100KG 24 hours a day.
• With our company vision and the kingdom huge potential, we would like to expand our products to multiple parties. We have exclusivity with world largest listed precious metal dealers where we have an exclusivity agreement. Due to this exclusivity, we managed to get the best precious metal prices where we can forward the benefits to our clients and in return realize our targets of trading precious metal.
• We are pricing on the market’s current live spot rate and not based on static value per day.

Do you know anyone in KSA with similar line of Business?
– We are in search of leading KSA precious metal dealer that we can have a partnership with.

Who are our clients?
– With our representative in Bahrain, we supply to all leading jewelry retailers, banks, financial institution, and corporate houses

Why is our office at Khobar Mall?
– Since Khobar is the closest proximity to our Bahrain premises, we have established an office there where we can also have it as an educational hub. We will also expand to another location in the kingdom in the future.

Why don’t you have a retail shop in KSA?
We specialize in bulk sales of precious metal to support other jewelers in the kingdom and meet our trader’s expectation.

Which Bank are we dealing with in the Kingdom?
– Currently, it’s Al-Rajhi bank but we would like to expand to other banks in the future.

Which countries can you deliver precious metal to?
• Hong Kong
• America
• Europe

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